Friday, April 18, 2014

Essie Truth or flare spring 2014

Essie Truth or flare is part of Essie hide and go chic spring 2014 collection. Color is described as "vintage blue denim". I love the description it really does remind of washed out jeans. Light cool toned blue, but toned down not as bright as some baby blues out there. Color is really beautiful but formula - the worst I have ever experienced from Essie. It's so thin almost like a water. I had to layer God knows how many coats to get any kind of even coverage on the nail. And it goes on so streaky so I was mostly dabbing the brush on the nail. How disappointing. Who has time and patience for that? What came to my mind a day later is that I should have used Essie protein base coat which does magic for lighter Essie colors. Unfortunately I do not have one at the time but will buy it soon and then try it with that. It makes lighter colors pop, without having to apply multiple coats. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

My spring fragrance favorites

You know that I mostly write about makeup and skincare but my biggest passion has been fragrance. Why I do not write about it? I just feel it makes no sense trying to describe beauty of a certain fragrance with words and pictures... you need to smell it,you need to experience it on your own skin. I rarely read fragrance blogs, once in a while. When they start listing all the ingredients I try to picture in my head how would that actually smell but I have to admit I always have very hard time. With time I learned to recognize ingredients and combinations of ingredients that I like. At least I like what fragrance groups I like - sweet and gourmand, spicy , fruity floral, white flowers, citrusy... I probably have a fragrance that I like from every group but I tend to lean towards stronger scents. At least in last couple of years. When I started wearing perfumes long time ago I wore only very light clean scents. And that was until I was 23 probably when I started exploring more and trying different scents. Also I started working in the fragrance department which did not help my fragrance addiction at all :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lancome Vernis in Love Golden riviera summer 2014

Lancome vernis in love Golden riviera is part of the Lancome summer 2014 French riviera collection. It's inspired by golden and blue hues. This is very complex gold that is beautiful in the sunlight and has one of the prettiest shimmer I have ever seen. I am not big on shimmery nail polishes, I prefer cream. Also I am not big on gold but if you are this is such a unique shade. It gives full coverage in two coats and no streaks. I applied Lancome crystal quartz top coat on top for extra shine. Capturing beauty of it's shimmer was so hard. I tried with flash, in direct sunlight... I am not sure how successful I was. You really need to see this one in person to be able to understand complexity of this color.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

NARS Kauai eyeshadow duo spring 2014 collection

NARS Spring 2014 collection is inspired by exotic places like Hawaii and Bahamas. Inlcudes some bold and electric colors. I only picked up two items from this collection - Kauai eyeshadow duo and Bimini lipgloss. I love how NARS combines colors that I would never think that could go together - electric purple eyes and guava orange lips? Yes why not.  To quote Francois "Rules are boring". Both items I picked up are now part of NARS permanent range. 

Lancome Vernis in Love Nuit D'azur Summer 2014

Lancome French riviera 2014 summer collection brings us three new shades of their Vernis in love nail polishes. First one up on the blog is Nuit D'azur - dark navy blue with creme finish. It has wonderful opacity and you will get full coverage with one thicker coat. Also dries in a very glossy finish. I love dark nails and I am happy to see that at least one of the summer shades is darker than what usually gets released during the summer. Lancome combined blue and golden tones for summer 2014 - I like to think of colors of water and colors of summer sun. <3 Enjoy my swatches. Other two polishes will be up on the blog shortly.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Lancome Vernis In Love Very in Love 165N

Very In Love is a bright red with strong pink undertones. Not as bright as it seems in the photos taken in direct sunlight. Absolutely beautiful red probably one of the best ones I have ever tried and formula is stellar - I am wearing only one coat! I love classic reds and I believe you can never have enough of them. Office friendly, classy, feminine and it works for any skin color/tone. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Essie Fashion Playground Spring 2014

Fun and games just met their match. This plucky pistachio green with subtle shimmer flirts with forever and plays for keeps.

So that was official Essie description of this really fun light green color. It does have very subtle shimmer, barely visible. It is noticeable in the bottle but applied on nails only in direct sunlight or maybe artificial light. It is not neon, and not too bright either. To me this can be summer color as well as spring. It would go great with tanned skin. If Candy mint apple is too much for you this is a great alternative. It does not have any blue in it, it is straight light green. Shimmer is silver.